A diffrent “independent” house of making creations by heart, with passion and thru four human hands…..

Anna and Thomas are self taught jewelers and artists. They started in 1993 and had a shop in the heart of stockholm for almost 25 years but  today they are now only on the web.

A house sounds so big. But infact, Anna and Thomas, gathers all their knowledge under one roof. The workshop is still located in Stockholm and here they create, fine and unique, jewellery and art, significant to their hands and heads. Creations that are now avalible for you on this site.

Anna and Thomas works closley and inspires each other in a way which is not so commen of today. All handcrafted items has a working number connected to the blue worklogg.

The most independent jewelleryhouse in the world. Whats behind those words, Anna and Thomas use and try so hard to follow ? What is, to be, independent, as a maker, in the world of today ? Thomas – ” So much is done today and so fast. Everything looks the same and made by numbers that could cover for several earths, many times over. The consuming and making must grow by natural market standards, but this is wrong in my world. No ! When you follow your heart more than your mind, and much more than other says, something else, good, happens, we get diveristy. And thats good for all !

The value of a product can be found in the making. Citat Einstein

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