I ateljen skapar Anna och Thomas Mandelstam egna och helt unika designade smycken, skulpturer, måleri, böcker mm


Handmade jewellery and art by Thomas and Anna Mandelstam

Art by heart

- "Its our passion to work with our hands and make unique and beautiful creations together" The two artists Anna and Thomas Mandelstam has over 30 years of experience in their line of work and they do everthing themselves. Gemsettings, making jewellery in silver and gold by hand. Examens and check every gemstone in the Mandelstam gem lab. Thomas is gemmolgist F.G.A and diamondgrader HRD. But it dosent stop here, as creative artists, they also works in the field such as clothes, books, sculputures, paintings, sounds and movies. Everything on this site are done by four hands and two hearts. In the cafeteria can you digg in to more about Thomas and Annas work as artists.